In 1999, I lost my husband to cancer. I was 47 at the time, and it took awhile to sort through my emotions and gather the strength to face daily living again. I stopped teaching and felt utterly drained of spirit. All that I had accomplished meant nothing, and I was quite surprised when the urge to write a book on the everythings of my complicated life came to me in a night’s dream. I woke one morning with a new calling; six chapters spilled out of me and by the time I completed The Water Dance, I was back in business teaching, writing, and reaching out to other grievers. This 247 page book is a memoir of my life, its hardships and gifts, leading up to the death of my husband and how I managed to endure it.

Table of Contents

In Memory
To The Reader
The Statement
The First Sign
The Diagnosis
Riding the Horse

Today I Deal with Emotion
Today I Deal with Truth
Today I Deal with God
Today I Deal with Death

The Final Sign
The Fourth Horse
The Memory
The After Journey
The Last Statement
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