“Laurie-Ann’s book, The Water Dance, is an inspirational tool for anyone going through adversity. It is an emotional must read that is hard to put down. You really connect with her and feel all the emotions she is going through. There is light at the end of the tunnel.”

~Gale Southard
Indio, California


“I found this to be a page-turner, embarking on a journey with a woman who handles some of life’s cruelest challenges with such resilience, all the while maintaining a type of disposition and grace that is truly remarkable. It is raw and real, and knowing the incredible joy in Laurie-Ann’s present life, this work gives hope to everyone.”

~Sheri Handel, Esq.
Manhattan Beach, California


“Laurie-Ann’s courageous story describes her metamorphosis from vulnerability to self-enlightenment during her battle with the Fourth Horseman. Her easy prose will keep you riveted as you experience, through her, the nightmarish details of losing a loved one. Only those who risk the exposure which comes from loving totally discover the treasurer of true love. Laurie-Ann found hers but unfairly lost him to a more powerful force, cancer. Her victory will describe how to discover joy in the smallest of details and encourage everyone to fight through their despair, one tiny, toe-step at a time. I thank her for sharing her hard earned knowledge with those in need.”

~Lisa Peter
Dana Point, CA


“I am a widow and everyone who has lost a loved one should read this. There is so much courage, inspiration and love that shines through Laurie-Ann. She is a very brave lady.”

~ Sally Smith


“This book was so compelling that once I started reading, I could not put it down! It captured every aspect of their lives and a profound look into the very soul of their relationship — a loving couple, commited to one another in love and friendship no matter what the circumstances. It is a truly beautiful love story and one worth reading.”

~ Rochelle Milmeister
Northridge, California


“I was pulled into Laurie-Ann’s life from the very first page of the book. From her highest highs to her lowest lows, I felt as though I was standing beside her and sharing her every emotion. Laurie-Ann holds nothing back. This book is a must read for everyone.”

~ Madeline Karpel
Northridge, California


“Laurie-Ann Weis has accomplished something that is extremely rare. This book is an unqualified, unvarnished glimpse of human emotion in a well-written narrative style. It is impossible to read this book without being touched and moved by the power of the human spirit. I recommend this book for all of us to read as a reminder that we are all connected and as Peanuts said, ‘In this together everyday.’ ”

~Pete Egoscue, Founder Egoscue Method


“Laurie-Ann’s storytelling is gut-wrenching as she shares her innermost thoughts and feelings on watching her husband succumb to cancer. She holds nothing back. But at the same time her sparkle of life carries you all the way through, leaving you wanting more of her voice and her passion for the beautiful, unexpected things that life has to offer. You will come away from her story with a renewed sense of inspiration and above all, a revitalized appreciation for your own life.”

~Paul Abell, Ph.D.


“You may not have experienced exactly what Laurie-Ann did, but virtually everyone can relate to the general nature of her struggles—the ache of routine disappointment, the shock of bad news, and the sting of a marriage that wasn’t right—as well as her undying quest for peace and happiness in her life, both in mind and spirit. Laurie-Ann’s story will move you completely as she shares the secrets to finding joy again and again. Her spirit is unconquerable, and she manages to convey to all readers that she is speaking directly to them.”

~Tom Blake, Orange County Register, Singles Column