When we lose a loved one, we must reinvent ourselves and our lives to find what I call a “new normal with a different joy.” This site is dedicated to help people do just that. I have published two books on the topic, and welcome you to write to me and share your own personal journey or simply to ask questions. May this site become a forum for all of us who have survived a great loss.

How many hours of the day do millions of people grieve silently for a partner they’ve lost in life? Death comes easy to no one. . .especially to those who are left behind.

death, cancer, widowhood, widows, widowers, grief and loss, grief Artist, Aldo LuongoIn 1999, I lost my husband to cancer. I was 47 at the time, and it took awhile to sort through my emotions and gather the strength to face daily living again. A year and a half into widowhood, I realized how alone I felt going through all those first experiences: taking off my wedding rings, figuring out which side of the bed to sleep on, and getting through our anniversary. I then launched a Website that generated feedback from other widows and widowers—so they could share their stories and experiences with grief and loss. The response was overwhelming.

Laurie_sunset_2From Singapore to England to South Australia, I gathered and organized my Website’s library of material into a book that pays tribute to the millions of people who lose a partner and have to reinvent their lives and try to move forward. The After Journey is a collection of people’s thoughts and words of wisdom based on their experiences after suffering a great loss in their lives. Each section begins with my own story and leads into the reflections of others on the same topic, some of those voices drawing tears from readers, while others conjuring sheer laughter and a sense of relief. The book is simply a friend that can hold our hand when getting through the first year alone. It proves that you’re not alone in this very personal journey, and that you have every right to do it your own way—embracing every step as one movement closer to finding joy again in life.